The Costumes of Solo: A Star Wars Story

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With all the excitement leading up to the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, here’s an up close examination of some of the costumes worn and used in bringing the characters of the latest Star Wars’ film to life. The costumes, as well as props from the film, will be on showcase at The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood when the film blasts off into theaters later this month. Take a look at the gallery below!

Han Solo- The daring and iconic smuggler gets a new look for the film, with some new color, fabrics, and rustic tones. Just make sure to keep a blaster at your side!

Qi’Ra- One of the newest additions to the Star Wars canon, the mysterious Qi’Ra’s costume is one of elegance and intergalactic flair. She knows Han better than anyone and we can’t wait to learn more about her!

Tobias Beckett- Though we don’t know much about Beckett, what we can tell is he’s a rogue smuggler ready for action. As he warned Han, “If you come with us, you’re in this life for good!”

Lando Calrissian- The Baron of Smooth himself, Lando knows style better than anyone. The Falcon has a special room just for his wide assortment of capes. You better buckle up baby!

Val- A woman on a mission. Val is one of the new members of the “crew” Solo will get to encounter in the new film. The costume, as the character, is built to be prepared for anything!

Dryden Vos- Intriguing and mysterious, Dryden Vos appears to be one of the key players in Solo. Played by Avenger’s alum, Paul Bettany, fans will be eager to find out what role he will play in young Solo’s journey.

Enfys Nest- Clearly one of the most intricate costumes in the film, Enfys Nest is battle hardened and from the trailers, appears to be a challenger for Solo and his crew. Are you ready to see how that showdown will end?

Tickets are now on sale for Solo, which can be found in our helpful guide here.

Solo: A Star Wars Story flies into a theater near you on May 25th!



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