The Her Universe Fashion Show Celebrates 5 Years of Geek Couture

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Ashley Eckstein and Her Universe returned to the world’s biggest stage to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic Con. The highly anticipated event honored multiple milestones, featuring series such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Powerpuff Girls, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Eckstein started the show with a heartwarming message about the goals of the event, as well as the importance of fandom in all of our lives. “Milestones should be celebrated. Behind every milestone is a story, a journey. At San Diego Comic Con, we celebrate our favorite shows, films, stories, characters and all these things represent so much more than just an interest or hobby. These powerful properties and the lessons they teach us have changed the way we live our lives. We’re all here because we have an emotional connection to our fandoms that fuel our need to create, collect, consume, and connect.”

In that spirit, models took to the runway, showcasing both Eckstein’s latest collection as well as custom designs painstakingly made by a handful of upcoming and aspiring designers. “Year five of the Her Universe Fashion Show represents countless journeys. Behind every designer and model is a story. Lives have been changed, life long friendships have been formed, and careers have been launched, ” Eckstein added in reference to the creative minds that came together for the show.

Fans rejoiced in the spectacle, being surprised and wowed throughout the evening. One of the biggest surprises came from Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker. Hooded and silent, she revealed herself after a dramatic entrance on the catwalk. Whittaker was met with thunderous applause and gasps from Eckstein herself.

When asked about her fashion choice as the Doctor, she honed in on making it universal and fully inclusive to all genders. “The main feature for me and the overriding sense of style have to be comfort”, Wittaker exclaimed. “We have the sky and we have space…I wanted to represent the sky I fell through and potentially the dawn of the new one which is me as the Thirteenth one.”

The Doctor wasn’t the only one making waves, as fans were also greeted by Matt Lanter and Dee Bradley Baker. In honor of the Star Wars: Clone Wars 10th Anniversary, the voice actors shared their reactions to the breaking news released at Comic Con earlier that day, which revealed the series would be returning with all new episodes exclusively for the upcoming Disney streaming service. “To have it back so incredible! I think it’s something that we’ve always dreamed of and wanted as fans and as performers on the show getting back together and doing it again”, said Lanter.

It was truly a night to remember, never ceasing to remind everyone to embrace their love of pop culture, to express their fandom, and to create something truly special. You can check out a full gallery of some of the amazing work below, which features some of the award winning elements of the night. The gallery also showcases Longefly’s latest fall collection, which was an official event sponsor.

You can learn more about the details of the Her Universe Fashion Show by checking out the official blog! A full video of the event was teased by Eckstein, will be made available at a future date. Make sure to stop by the Her Universe’s official site to see all the latest collections, which are now on sale in celebration of San Diego Comic Con.