Ready Player One Blu-Ray Review

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Let the hunt begin!

Return to the Oasis with Ready Player One’s Blu-Ray/4K release, featuring exclusive behind the scenes looks, stunning visuals, and in depth interviews. The set boasts a 90 minute feature list, taking you on a 6 part journey through the making of the film. For the true film geek, it’s a wonderful adventure that will light the very fires of imagination. Each featurette is chalk full of detail, painting the reality of difficulty it was to bring the film to the big screen. It also sheds some light on the incredible technology used in building the virtual world.

Steven Spielberg took on the project with no previous knowledge of the story or the technology needed to make the film come together. With the Oasis, over 60 percent of the film was done in a digital space versus real functioning sets. Rather than leave the work to the special effects crew and hope for the best, Spielberg jumped right in, making sure he was directly involved with every step of the process. It’s a real testament to his faith in the film, but also to his directorial prowess.

For Ready Player One, pre rendered environments were created. The cast and crew had the opportunity to view the locations via VR headsets and real time monitors. As the filming commenced, Spielberg also had the chance to set up shots in a special editing tent, generating over 6500 unique cuts and angles. From a technical standpoint, it’s a marvelous achievement, allowing a more realistic portrayal in a purely digital space. It was a daunting undertaking, and safe to say, a widely huge success when you view the final product.

Here’s a look at the full features list!

  • Game Changer: Cracking the Code
  • Effects for a Brave New World
  • Level Up: Sound for the Future

  • High Score: Endgame
  • Ernie & Tye’s Excellent Adventure
  • The ’80’s: You’re The Inspiration

The nostalgia level is also in high gear. We get to ride in Cline’s DeLorean, take a closer look at the iconic Shining scene, and see the magic behind bringing back Alan Silvestri’s legendary score from Back to the Future. Having Silvestri return was a match made in heaven, giving a balance in score that retains the power of the past while melding into a unique and new sound that fits the film perfectly. With so many amazing easter eggs, nods, and references, it all comes together to create pure cinematic magic. For those who want the full scoop, you can read our full film review here.

You can find your copy of Ready Player One and discover more about the film by visiting Warner Bros’ official site. To mark the release of the film on Blu-Ray, Warner Bros. will also be hosting a special pop up challenge at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Fans will get the opportunity to test their 80s Trivia, explore the Oasis, and visit a set piece recreation of Room 237 from The Shining. Admission will be free to all participants throughout the weekend of the convention. You can find out all the details by visiting

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