Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen – Now Open

Jacques and Penelope

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Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen is more than just a name that is a mouthful. The steampunk inspired sweet factory is a full service dining experience featuring gastropub style food offerings serving up mouth-watering selections that absolutely delights all the senses. Reigniting the flame of themed restaurant experiences, this new addition to Universal Citywalk at Universal Studios Hollywood is stuffed with eye candy from floor to ceiling.

Every inch of the establishment is filled to the brim with detailed props, set design, costumed servers, gears, pipes, airships, and even characters. Guests can meet and take photos with the inventive proprietors, Penelope and Jacques. It’s a brilliant tasty sparkle for those looking for an additional exciting themed experience in the resort.

The food menu is just as extensive as the sugary treats. Only a small sample was taste tasted, but immediate favorites include the creamy avocado bruschetta, buttery croque monsieur, wild mushroom and chicken risotto, and the sweet potato smash. The menu also includes gourmet salads, flatbreads, burgers, and pork loins. Be sure to read what is included in the entrees as chocolate may sneak up as a special ingredient. The same goes for specialty cocktails in the libations list.

Although diners may find chocolate in stouts, vodka, and whiskeys, we actually preferred the Candy Smith’s Sweet Tooth (Tito’s Vodka, passion fruit liqueur, passion fruit puree, lime) was more to our liking. You can’t leave the table without a sugary delight to complete the course. Every dessert item will undoubtly be rich even for those with a sweet tooth. Be sure to bring a friend or two to help take in the bliss. The highly recommended triple chocolate bread pudding proved to be manageable from the endless over-stimulating choices.

If walk-ins and table reservations are jammed, no need to fret as there is plentiful to find from the ground floor to exceed your needs. The specialty milkshake counter offers 13 varieties of overstuffed milkshakes and 8 oversized sundaes. The portion sizes need to be seen to be believed. We want to return to sink our teeth into the key lime pie milkshake and the pineapple upside cake milkshake (which is also vegan). Surefire favorites are going to the strawberry cheesecake, espresso buzz, and marshmallow crisp.

Just across from the milkshakes is the libations bar for adult beverages. On the other end of the emporium is a candy shop for more edible delectables behind the cold cases. Displaying a variety of flavorful concoctions from truffles, macarons, cake balls, chocolate shots, pretzel sticks, marshmallows, and crispy treats. The colors bring you in, but the flavors will keep you coming back for lavender, mango chamoy, churro, s’mores, tiramisu, matcha, and much more.

Packaged morsels abound on the store shelves. From marshmallow pops, gourmet lollipops, flavored coffee, chocolate bars, cotton candy, and more in appealing sets. Be your own chocolatier by filling your own bag of candy. This makes for a convenient stop for a sweet quick fix.

Commemorate your visit to this one-of-a-kind themed experience with a spirited momento from fanciful collectibles, themed souvenirs, crafty apparel, tote bags, glass jars, mugs, chains, pins, and magnet bottle opener.

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen is a very welcome addition to the line-up of sit-down table service, milkshake bar, candy shop, and adjacent store wrapped in a wonderfully themed atmosphere that stands on its own. It’s a dream come true for every person ready to satisfy that gnawing sweet tooth. You can’t go wrong with any choice. An instant favorite as the cherry on top to the end of a fun-filled day at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. An abundant supply of things to try for every visit. Make room for a second, third, and more servings to the newest and sweetest kitchen in Universal Citywalk.

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