Universal Studios Hollywood "Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem" First Ride!

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On Thursday March 20, a few select media were invited to a special event at Universal Studios Hollywood to test out the new Minions Mayhem Ride, which is scheduled to open, April 10th.

min2As you walk up to the ride the first thing that you see is Gru’s big purple house straight out of the Minions movie, walking through the front door – we were able to quickly move through the queue. For visitors, waiting in line, there are several TV screens with announcements about the requirements to become a Minion. Pictures of Gru, Margo, Edith, Angnes, Dr. Nefario and of course the Minions flash on the screen along with a Minion quiz to see if you are Minion material. After obtaining my fancy googles, we made our into Gru’s living room, including one of favorites, the drawing of the Gru family tree. From there we were quickly ushered into the next room – Gru’s lab – where we viewed a pre-show on a screen. Here Gru welcomed us and explained that we will be training to become minions. Gru with the help of Dr. Nefario has come up with a Minion Gun, that will turn humans into minions of all shapes and sizes. Gru performs a quick body scan on the audience and sends out a warning about body hygiene. While Gru is talking, the girls and several minions appear on screen, interrupting and creating chaos as only they can and causing the fart gun – which Gru is using to intimidate the audience – to go off. The girls have a gift for Gru to celebrate the anniversary of their adoption. After a bit more bantering between Gru and the girls, Gru agrees to accept the girls’ offer to help train the audience, and disappears. My favorite moment was when the Minions upon realizing the fart gun emitted the smell of bananas, start to lick the screen.

Next the doors open and we are ready for the ride. Boarding “transfortation pods” which seat four to a row and face a huge movie screen, the audience is taken on a 4 minute long motion simulation ride where they will go through the process of becoming Minions. During this crazy roller coaster simulation ride, the audience – aka – the new recruits are taken into the training area. Consisting of an obstacle course full of fly swatters, laser beams, chutes, twists and turns, the girls riding a type of hovercraft fly beside the audience offer advice and add to the mayhem. After landing in the anti-gravity recycling room, and escaping the restricted area, the screen shows the finale – a huge fireworks display celebrating the anniversary of the girls adoption. Unfortunately for Gru, the finale also causes the reversal of the minionization and the audience is human again, causing Gru to say, Bring in the next group!

Just when you think the show is over, you make your way out through the final room, where you you see yet more movie screens and the minions dancing and singing to the tune of “Boogie Fever”, here I stopped to enjoy a few minutes of dancing and singing along with the minions before finally making my way into the exit through the gift shop.

Minions Mayhem the ride is a crazy roller coaster type simulated ride filled with favorite movie characters, lots of excitement, funny moments and will become an instant favorite with visitors.

As part of the Minions Mayhem ride and Despicable Me expansion, Universal is also building The Super Fun Land – the amusement park featured in the movie. Building facades including the Girl’s Home, are part of the remodel. Gru’s Lab Cafe and Despicable Delights will also be available for guests to enjoy all the delicious Minion meals. T-shirts, Banana Hats, mugs, and unicorns are available in the gift shops.

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