An Up Close Look at Disneyland’s Mobile Food Service

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Disneyland’s Mobile Food Service goes live for all guests today, providing custom and made to order meals resort wide. SoCalThills went park side and tested the new service, looking at the ease of use, speed of the order process, and overall quality of the feature in three locations across both parks that included full entrees, desserts, and drink options.

Our first stop was Flo’s V8 Cafe, who recently released a brand new menu that hosts a combination of quick eats and sit down favorites. Due to the afternoon lunch rush, the regular line to order was almost out the door, creating a perfect opportunity to compare the speed of the mobile option. After making our selections and going through the process of confirming our orders, a notification appeared, providing all the necessary order details that include order number, location, and time frame needed to fulfill the order.

You can learn more about how to use the app and specifics on placing an order by clicking here.

Despite placing the order ahead of time, it was important to note that the food would not be prepared until we verified with the app that we were present at that location. Unsure of the amount of time actually needed to complete the order, we submitted the notification early. As we arrived at the pick up window, it was pleasantly discovered that the food had not only been prepared, but had been waiting for us. From that point on, it was safe to assume that you did not need to notify the location in advance that you were present to fulfill the order. Though it may be tempting to submit your order ASAP, it is highly recommended that you wait until you step foot inside the actual establishment. You will also receive a push notification when your order is complete, allowing you to know exactly when to go collect your food.

Both the ease and speed of the order process was impressive, which will be a huge draw for people trying to fit in their dining experiences with the rest of their busy day at the park. It also gives everyone a chance to locate seating and settle in prior to picking up their meals. The conventional ordering method requires that you place your order and receive your food prior to finding seating. This can be troublesome on busy days, or at peak times, when seating may be scarce at that dining location.

Red Rose Taverne, which was our second stop, is a great example of a dining location where seating can be very challenging. With long lines and a huge demand, the mobile option is a breath of fresh air, saving a lot of valuable time and stress. Yet, it was also where we encountered our first small hiccup with using the new service. Two separate orders were submitted, one for an entree, the other being for a dessert. Just like with our previous stops, the entree was ready almost instantly. Yet, the dessert surprisingly took longer to complete. Due to the smaller order, it was discovered that was some confusion on what all was included with the order, prompting the cast to not notify us when the order was done.

After reviewing the order at the pick up window, we got an up close look at the notification system for the app. The ease and speed that were just mentioned are completely dependent on the location’s efficiency. Even if your order is complete, if it is not entered into the system or there is an error in communication, you will not be able to pick up your food. Thankfully, this does not appear to be a long standing issue, as the service will experience some growing pains and is still a new concept for each of the locations across the resort. If you encounter any issues with your order experience, we do recommend some patience and understanding, as it is going to be a learning experience for everyone involved.

The app function also allows custom ordering, which is a huge bonus. Our third location, Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor, is a great example. If you wish to make your own ice cream cone, all offerings are accessible that include cone type, all available ice cream flavors, sprinkles, etc. Rather than a smaller slate of pre-made or ready made options, having the ability to purchase from the entire menu makes it a lot easier to get exactly what you want.

Some locations that have alternative offerings for allergy restrictions are also listed in the app, making it easier for those to make safe choices based off their dietary needs. Every allergy menu is a part of the app, which is fantastic. Our only drawback is that the service does not specify a vegan/vegetarian menu for specific locations. Initially upon use, we also noticed that the various drink menus did not include the ability to purchase water, which has since been updated.

This reflects on the constant review of the service, which allows the best possible experience. From our initial use of the feature, it definitely seems that it is worth the effort and can be a huge time saver. For regular users of the Disneyland App, it will be an easy format to add to their routine, and for those just learning about the app and mobile ordering, it’s a first step into a digital level of service worthy of praise.

The service will be made available in both parks, with six different locations in Disneyland Park and nine locations in Disney California Adventure. You can see the full list of available locations here, which are now all up and ready to serve.

Bon Appétit!

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