Blu-Ray Review: Love Me

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UnknownA film as generic as it’s title, Love Me is a clich-ridden waste of time for all involved.  There is no way the filmmakers believed they were creating something of substance, and it’s almost insulting to their target audience that this is what they think people want to see.  This is a film strictly for teenagers, and I’d like to believe that teenagers appreciate good storytelling as much as anybody else.

The plot of Love Me revolves around Sylvia Potter, a projectionist at a revival theater who yearns for a love like what is seen in the films she projects.  When Lucas Green comes to town, a romance is ignited that leads Sylvia to believe she has found the love she has been looking for.  Unfortunately, Lucas turns out to be a main suspect in the case a missing girl from a neighboring town.  Did he do it, and will their love survive?  Is anybody supposed to care?

Even the actors don’t seem to care what’s going on, dramatically delivering their lines with less conviction than you’d find on your average daytime soap opera.  The cast is filled with actors from various teen based shows, including Pretty Little Liars and Kyle XY.  I haven’t seen those shows, so I don’t know how their work compares, but here, everybody seems to be going through the motions, eager to get through the scene and collect their paychecks.  Production values are standard for what you’d expect to find on an average television show.  Overall, the lack of enthusiasm for the material comes through on screen and the whole thing is just a bore.

The Blu-Ray looks and sounds fine, considering what there is to work with.  Nothing really special, but nothing that detracts either.  There are two extras on the set.  One is labeled as “behind the scenes,” and the other is “stories from the set.”  Both are exactly what you’d expect, featuring random interviews, bloopers, etc.  The extras deliver exactly what I’d expect for a film such as this.

If you’re so inclined, the Blu-Ray for Love Me is now available.  However, there really is no need to waste your time on something as generic as this.  The only reason I could understand somebody willingly subjecting themself is if they are a fan of somebody from the cast.  Other than that, this is the sort of movie that will be instantly forgotten, occasionally referenced as nothing more than a footnote on the careers of those involved.