Blu-Ray Review: Planet Earth Limited Collector's Edition

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All six discs, plus a set of 4 exclusive art cards featuring some of the most stunning images from the series are housed in a sturdy, weighted globe, numbered for greater collectability. Available with both the DVD and Blu-ray. Planet Earth took the world by storm when it originally aired. It garnered uniformly glowing reviews, won four Emmy Awards, including Best Nonfiction Series and Best Cinematography, and its longevity on the best-seller list is legend. Now, with the addition of all new commentary and new bonus programs, and this totally unique collectible package, you can relive this incredible experience all over again! In this truly special, limited collector’s edition, prepare to be overwhelmed again by the beauty and majesty of Planet Earth.

Nature and travel documentaries have proven to be dependable releases in the Blu-Ray format, as evidenced by the massive sales of BBC’s PLANET EARTH, the multi-part production offering some of the most miraculous footage ever glimpsed of the natural world around us.

Among the additions are four bonus programs (“Great Planet Earth Moments,” “Snow Leopard: Beyond the Myth,” “Secrets of the Maya Underworld” and “Elephant Nomads of the Namib Desert”) plus a producer commentary, video diaries, a sneak peek at Discovery’s “Frozen Planet” and the option to view the respective episodes strictly with George Fenton’s fine scores.

Another beneficiary of high-definition video has been the travel genre. From episodes of Rudy Maxa’s terrific “Smart Travels” series to several compilations from the Discovery Channel’s “Sunrise Earth,” consumers seeking gorgeous landscapes and travelogues for their Blu-Ray players have had an abundance to choose from during the format’s relatively short lifespan.

When it comes to the audio however, there is no debate as the previous release was only given a lossy Dolby Digital track.  The good news is that this new Special Edition comes with a lossy DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix which sounds a lot better.

There’s a reason this series won just about every award possible and if you haven’t seen it yet, then this is the perfect time to rectify that!  While the video quality change is negligible, both the audio and the new special features make this worth upgrading to this new Special Edition.  If you don’t own the previous version already, then this is a must own title for you. This is highly recommended!

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