Blu Ray Review: Wonder Woman

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“I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

Wonder Woman dominated the box office, took the world by storm, and inspired women everywhere to believe in their own strength and hope. The film has created a lasting impact that surpasses the silver screen onto larger discussions of equality.

Now released on Blu Ray/DVD, fans get a chance to dive deeper into the hearts and minds behind the film in a jam packed set that is a definite add to the home collection. Not a single element of the film production was taken for granted. The features provided showcase that prominently. Close attention was made in every aspect from costuming, to period research, to actual photography. The vintage photograph shown in the film was actually taken on set with the same equipment used during that era in the exact same conditions. Rather than create a impersonation, Patty Jenkins wanted to make sure every moment was as realistic as possible.

Wonder Woman

That level of dedication was passed through everyone involved in the film, including the Amazon warriors that are seen on screen. In one feature, “The Wonder Behind the Camera”, we get a look at the rigorous training and hard work each woman had taken to get ready for the camera. Coming from all walks of life, these women bonded together in a rally of strength and perseverance that is fitting to the overall theme of Wonder Woman herself.

Another fantastic aspect comes from a series of features titled, “A Director’s Vision”. Jenkins and her crew describe storyboard techniques, on location coaching, and rare glimpses into what helped fuel the team’s successes through Jenkins’ leadership. Multiple references were made into the importance of the title character’s origins and unique perspective that drives the story from start to finish.

Wonder Woman

SoCalThrills also had a chance to review the Target Edition of the film set, which includes a mini book and holographic design that is really stunning. The Target Exclusive features excerpts from Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of the Film. As you can see from the photos below, it’s a beautiful collection. The concept art, descriptions, and images are fun and packed with detail. However, if you are looking for a different edition, there are multiple formats and variations to choose from.

Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Wonder Woman

Here’s a full look at the list of special features included on the set. Clocking in at over two hours, there is plenty to see and hear:

Epilogue: Etta has a special mission that brings back Wonder Woman’s men in arms that could shape the future after the end of the war.
Crafting the Wonder: An in depth look into the journey of bringing Wonder Woman onto the big screen with cast and crew.
A Director’s Vision Series: Director, Patty Jenkins, goes through some of the film’s key moments, achievements, and methods in bringing Diana to life. The series is broken into individual parts listed below.

Themyscira – The Hidden Island
Beach Battle
A Photograph Through Time
Diana in the Modern World
Wonder Woman at War

Warriors of Wonder Woman: An amazing look into the hard work, sacrifice, and bond of the Amazon warriors that were filmed alongside Gal Gadot.
The Trinity: Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman are an epic team. This segment focuses on her significance in the DC Universe along with discussions with key filmmakers and comic book animators.
The Wonder Behind the Camera: Meet the amazing women that helped make Wonder Woman a reality as they inspire young filmmakers on set for an up close look at how they can make a difference in the industry.
Finding the Wonder Woman Within: Poets, influential public female figures, and others talk about the importance of Wonder Woman and the hope that she brings to all people in a powerful message of courage and hope.
Deleted Scenes
Gag Reel

Wonder Woman’s next appearance will be in this fall’s Justice League film. To learn more about Wonder Woman, please visit