Blu Ray Review: Disney's A Christmas Carol

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Walt Disney’s A Christmas Carol is one intense rollercoaster ride intended more for an intelligent adult audience than past adaptations.  Robert Zemeckis director of such greats as Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Back to the Future has done a wonderful job at the retelling of this holiday classic.  Every scene is absolutely gorgeous and the graphics just stunning!  This is no Polar Express, which is also directed by Zemeckis.  Instead the film retains the powerful themes and dark scenes more true to Charles Dickens original story.  The story is not dumbed down for a younger audience, which may lead to several problems for this Disney picture.  Nonetheless, Walt Disney’s A Christmas Carol is truly astonishing in every aspect except you may want to leave the young children at home.

Zemeckis has decided to write a script with more realism to the time period with much dialogue that will be over children’s heads.  The beginning is quite slow unless you can really follow everything that’s being said.  Scrooge is introduced well as Zemeckis spends a decent amount of time getting to know Scrooge’s true character.  Much of the dialogue is witty and smart, but it won’t be the dialogue the audience will be focusing on.  The imagery is far more overpowering than anything else in the film.

The animation from the beginning is jaw-dropping.  I was astonished by every scene, every action sequence and every close-up of every character.  I would have completely forgot I was watching an animated movie if it wasn’t for the effects being so amazing causing me to constantly be in awe of every bit of footage being projected.  All the shots are incredibly beautiful and grand.  No detail was spared here.  It was when we take our first flight through the snow covered city rooftops that I found myself totally immersed in the film.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol truly has it all from emotion, comedic relief, breathtaking scenery, amazing acting/voice-acting, and great action to create the best adaptation of this story I have ever seen. To all of those that are skipping this because it’s either Disney or an animated film, HUMBUG.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol is available in Disney Blu-ray 3D on an exclusive 4-Disc Blu-ray™ Combo
Pack (Blu-ray 3D Disc™, Blu-ray Disc™, DVD and Digital Copy). 

Bonus Features:
BLU-RAY 3D Disc includes an exclusive 3D bonus feature, plus all the Blu-ray and DVD features:

Mr. Scrooge’s Wild Ride –   In this 3D bonus feature, director Zemeckis and the cast explain how 3D made the Dickens novella come to life.   The feature explores how 3D technology brought a whole new dimension to the story, from the Ghost of Christmas Past whisking Scrooge through time, to the look and feel of the characters in 19th Century London.    

BLU-RAY features include all of the DVD features plus:
Behind The Carol: The Full Motion Capture Experience – A feature length picture-in-picture viewing mode takes the audience behind the scenes of motion capture filmmaking. 

Countdown to Christmas Interactive Calendar – 25 days of holiday surprises extend the holiday cheer, as  viewers come back to discover what each door holds. 

Deleted Scenes – Six deleted scenes on the Blu-ray Disc.

DVD features include:
Capturing A Christmas Carol – Actress Jacquie Barnbrook hosts a journey through the creative process of Disney’s A Christmas Carol.

On Set With Sammi – Follow Sammi Hanratty, one of the film’s young stars, as she shares a kid’s eye view of an “anything but average” day on the set.

Deleted Scenes – Three deleted scenes on the DVD.