Blu Ray Review: The Color Purple

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A timeless story comes to live once more after 25 years in stunning digital color and sound via Blue Ray magic. Warner Brothers and Amblin Entertainment bring back the original film which stunned audiences around the world and brought us all face to face with the realities and traumas of life in Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple”.

This time honored tale of love, hate, betrayal and hope is brought back to a new set of audiences everywhere with so many beautiful extras and a great insight to the creation of both the incredible Pulitzer Prize winning novel and this Academy Award nominated film.  The clarity of Blue Ray shows the incredible details of each and every character from Celie’s innocent smile to each sparkling red sequins of Sug’s red dress.  There isn’t enough I can say about this Blue Ray to really show you all the incredible joy it was to watch this time honored classic in Blue Ray quality.

“The Color Purple” is a film that opened the eyes to millions around the world as a novel showing us the hardships of life of poor black youth in the South at the turn of the century. Celie and  Netty’s struggles to stay together as beloved sisters thru the mire and abuse of the men around them. From Pa’s incestuous and evil ways, to Mister’s physical and mental abuse which separates the sisters for more than 30 years. We join them thru their journey to find the strengths to say, “no more”.  Whoopie Goldberg (Ghost, Jumping Jack Flash) delivers a stellar performance as Celie the elder of the two sisters whose life has been a series of abusive encounters and heartbreak. As her first on screen performance in a lead role Whoopie Goldberg still stuns me 25 years later at how seamlessly she stepped into the role of dramatic leading lady from standup comedian.  Ghanaian actress Akosua Busia (The Seventh Sign, Ascension Day) brings Nettie to life on the screen playing both young and older Nettie. Her love for her sister persevered even the oceans crossing to Africa and the time it took to find her way home.

The extras for this film include the making of “The Color Purple”, Writing, “The Color Purple”, Casting and Acting “The Color Purple” and several behind the scenes photo stills from production and the actual film. It comes in a variety of languages for both audio and closed captioning which included not only English and Spanish but also French, Italian, Polish, Yiddish and Norwegian.  One of the most brilliant things I believe they did with this film was to put the previews of coming attractions as an option not an obligation at the beginning of the film, they are actually an option you can use to view these at your own discression.

The Blue Ray also includes a 40 page mini digibook which is incorporated as part of the Blue Ray packaging this lovely addition features photos and quotes as well as pieces of information from the production team and Alice Walker herself. For any lover of this beautiful book, and the equally stunning film this is a must have.

There is nothing negative I can say about this amazing and stunning film which I honestly believed could not get any better than when it was first put on screen, until now. The Blue Ray has served as a catalyst to bring a new audience into this amazing and heartfelt story which will open the eyes and fill the hearts of new generations to come in stunning quality and sound.