Blu-Ray Review: "Due Date"

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Birth, the expectation of the beginning of a new life created out of love and devotion for a man and wife. The excitement, anxiety and wonderful moment when you get to witness that little person come into the world. The anticipation of birth is exciting for most fathers as it is for the mothers who deliver their children, an event never to be missed. So picture this, you’re a new father, expecting with much anticipation and love your first baby; alas, a business trip comes up right before your wife goes in for her scheduled C-Section. Not to worry, you’ll have plenty of time to fly back and be there for your beautiful wife and new baby. That is, unless, you’re met with a series of events and one very difficult “actor” that eventually lead you to race for your life from the TSA, Mexican Border Patrol, and the cops! Wait a second!! Rewind!

Warner Brothers presents in association with Legendary Pictures and Green Hat films, “Due Date” now available for your viewing pleasure in remarkable Blue-Ray clarity and sound. Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man, Chaplain) and Zack Galifianakis (The Hang Over, Bored to Death) star as Peter and Ethan in this laugh out loud hang on to your seat comedy brought to you by Director Todd Philips who has brought you Brotastic movies such as “Old School”, “The Hang Over” and “Road Trip”. If you are familiar with Philips’ other films you know there are some pretty unbelievable moments that are not to be missed, and “Due Date” delivers. This film had me shouting at the top of my lungs and laughing until the tears ran down my face.

Peter Highman wants nothing more than to get home to his expectant wife Sarah played by the lovely Michelle Monaghan (Gone Baby Gone, Eagle Eye). While boarding the plane for Los Angeles a series of events leads to Peter getting lead off the plane and escorted to TSA where they proceed to place him on a no fly list only after he’s asked for them to send his luggage to Los Angeles ahead of him. Stuck in Atlanta with no money and no ID he meets up with Ethan Tremblay a wanna-be actor on his way to “Hollywood” to make it on “the TV” accompanied by his little dog Sonny. Peter reluctantly agrees and away they go on a cross country road trip which leads to chaos, mayhem, a broken arm, three fractured ribs, a gunshot wound, multiple felonies and an international incident!!

From being involved in a spectacular and horrifying car accident when Ethan falls asleep at the wheel, to getting a contact high from Ethan’s “medicinal marijuana” and imagining that they are hurtling thru space and time when in actuality they’re going straight for the Mexican border, there is no shortage of insane and impossible situations as Peter desperately tries to keep from murdering Ethan in his sleep and getting to his wife who has suddenly gone into natural labor! And just when you think nothing else can possibly happen to them… it does!

The extras for this film include deleted scenes, a gag reel (which is always good for extra laughs) an action montage which is almost necessary with all the chaos that occurs, and the full segment of Ethan finally achieving his goal of being on “Two and a Half Men”. The laughter doesn’t stop. I found the menus very easy to move through and the selections crisp and clean. The Blue Ray also lets you speed through the  Previews if you are not as interested to watch them but holds them for you on the menu if you’d like to actually watch them.

My only complaint with this film is the a small bit of audio difficulty when it came to the Gag Reel, as the rest of the extras and features happened to be in full surround sound audio the gag reel did not and you almost had to strain to hear it, which is unfortunate as a gag reel, for me, is a great bonus feature.

Go out and rent or buy this fantastic film and get a good group of friends together to watch, “Due Date” on Blue Ray available today in a single pack or a two disk set which includes the Blue Ray, DVD and a digital copy. This film does not disappoint and will have you rolling in your seats. All the characters are hilariously flushed out including the supporting cast has its great moments and Robert Downey Jr. brings to the table another fantastic and hilarious performance. Make sure you wear a crash helmet and remember to, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself!”