Elf Ultimate Collector's Edition out on Blu-ray

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Just in time for the holidays, comes the “Elf” Ultimate Collector’s Edition, which is currently available in  DVD and Blu-ray package from Warner Home Video.  “Elf” is one of Will Ferrell’s earlier hits, and the Ultimate Collector’s Edition comes pretty stuffed with goodies for the winter season.

ELF directed by Jon Favreau, is a story about a human named Buddy (Will Farrell) raised by Elves. He decides to look for his father (James Caan), but is disappointed when his father turns out to be a total workaholic. Along the way, Buddy meets some interesting people including the fake Santa played by Artie Lange, and an “elf” at his father’s office meeting. This is a Christmas movie, and has something for both adults and kids.

The box that the Ultimate Collector’s Edition comes in is essentially an aluminum can, which I suppose is a novel idea, and it certainly makes for easy gift wrapping. But it’s also pretty unwieldy once you open it up. Though it comes crammed with goodies, I’m not sure how useful it’ll be once the package has been, if you will, unwrapped. Then again, I guess you could always use it as a storage box for loose change or cookies or what have you.

Besides the film itself , the Collector’s Edition comes with an “Elf” Soundtrack Sampler CD with five songs, a magnetic picture frame (with Will Ferrell’s face, though you can swap it out with one of your own), an actual stocking, and two pages worth of gifting labels.

This collector’s set is superb, filled to the brim with fun and exciting items. It would make the perfect holiday gift for anyone, kid, adult, or elf.

Special features include:
Deleted scenes
Fact track reveals history, facts and trivia about the movie
Beyond the Movie featurettes: “Deck the Halls,” “Christmas in Tinseltown,” “Santa Mania,” “Kids on Christmas”
All Access Pass featurettes: “Tag along with Will Ferrell,” “How they made the North Pole,” “Film School for Kids,” “That’s Wrap,” “Lights, Camera, Puffin!”
Fun and Games: Buddy’s Adventure Game, Elf Karaoke, Read-Along, Elf Karaoke and more.

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