Elvis Blu-ray Collection

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Elvis on Tour, considered to be Presley’s last film before his death in 1977, was described by Variety in their review as “a bright, entertaining pop music documentary detailing episodes in the later professional life of Elvis Presley, the pioneer Pied Piper of rock music.”  The film was written and directed by Robert Abel and Pierre Adidge, and the cinematographer was Lucien Ballard.

The documentary features 25 musical numbers and backstage rehearsals. Songs include: See See Rider, Proud Mary, Burning Love, Don’t Be Cruel, Teddy Bear, Hound Dog, Can’t Help Falling in Love with You, Love Me Tender, All Shook Up, Suspicious Minds, Heartbreak Hotel, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Sweet Sweet Spirt, the famous An American Trilogy. Burning Love  appears in its first-ever performance by Elvis; the song was so new that Elvis referred to the lyric sheet during his performance. Also included are Elvis’ Ed Sullivan Show performance, and a montage sequence (supervised by Martin Scorsese) showcasing Elvis’ early career and movies.

Some of the highlights include:
· Remastered in High Definition with 16 x 9 2.40 letterboxed image, as seen in the theatrical release.
· Blu-ray audio will be DTS-HD Master Audio (5.1 Surround); DVD audio will be Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround.
· Packaged as a Blu-ray book filled with Elvis photos, quotes, trivia, a tour itinerary, set lists, costumes, and background information about the filming techniques used.
· 25 musical numbers spotlight Elvis Presley’s talent, range and showmanship in captivating on-stage performances and intimate backstage rehearsals with his band.
· Contains Elvis’ first performance of “Burning Love,” which was so new, Elvis referred to the lyric sheet during his performance.
· Elvis’ Ed Sullivan Show performance is included, in which the charm, personality and musical ability that made him an icon is so evident.
· Montage sequences (supervised by Martin Scorsese) showcasing Elvis’ early career and movies
· Elvis on Tour will also be available day and date on Video on Demand from cable and satellite providers and for electronic download from online retailers including iTunes, Microsoft Xbox LIVE, Zune marketplace and Amazon Video on Demand.
Jailhouse Rock
In this 1957 box-office hit, “Presley’s best film” according to Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide, the king plays Vince Everett, a man jailed for manslaughter after a bar fight. While in prison, Vince learns to belt out tunes. After being paroled, he then follows a bumpy road to music and movie success. Six Presley songs by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller spike the story, including “Treat Me Nice,” “I Wanna Be Free” and the classic shimmy-shakin’ title tune that was Presley’s favorite of all his films’ production numbers.
DVD Special Features:
· Commentary by Steve Pond, music journalist
· Restored and Digitally-Remastered in a 16×9 master, enhanced for widescreen televisions
· New Featurette: The Scene That Stole Jailhouse Rock
· Soundtrack Remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1 from original production elements
· Theatrical Trailer
· Subtitles: English & Français (Feature Film Only)
Viva Las Vegas
In one of his most popular movies, Elvis Presley shared the screen with Ann-Margret in Las Vegas, easily creating the most electrifying teaming Elvis had on-screen. He’s Lucky Jackson, a Grand Prix race driver working at a casino to raise cash for a new engine; she’s a hotel swimming instructor. The romantic action revs up from their first meeting. Veteran director George Sidney, who guided Ann-Margret in the prior year’s Bye Bye Birdie, combines the hormonal heat wave with fascinating sights of 1960s Las Vegas. Songs include the high-roller title track, the stars’ duet on “The Lady Loves Me,” her sultry “Appreciation” and the king’s version of Ray Charles’ “What’d I Say.”
Special Features:
· Commentary by Steve Pond, rock journalist and author of “Elvis in Hollywood”
· Restored and Digitally-Remastered in a 16×9 master, enhanced for widescreen televisions.
· New featurette: Kingdom: Elvis in Vegas
· Soundtrack remastered in Dolby Digital 5.1 from original production elements
· Theatrical trailer
Subtitles: English & Français (feature film only)

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