Explora Journeys’ Explora I Has Set Sail: Why People Are Flocking to This New Luxury Cruise Line

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New luxury cruise line Explora Journeys made waves in the cruise and travel industry after its first ship—the Explora I—set sail on her maiden voyage from Copenhagen to Reykjavik in August 2023. Initially revealed by MSC Group in 2021, the Explora I is the first ship of the fleet to begin operation this year, with more cruises launching in the succeeding years.

However, Explora Journeys isn’t the shipping giant’s first venture into the industry. It’s also responsible for MSC Cruises, a popular European cruise line undergoing expansion.

MSC Group’s new luxury cruise line offers a whole new experience compared to its existing fleet, boasting a promise of a premium ocean getaway. A major aspect of the Explora Journeys experience is that it’s beyond a typical luxury cruise; it’s an ocean journey that inspires you to travel further, immerse deeper, and linger a little longer. Unique destinations and tours, an invigorating onboard experience, and a wide variety of benefits have enhanced its appeal to travelers.

Destination experiences

A significant perk of cruise travel is visiting and exploring multiple destinations in one trip, making the travel experience more varied and exciting. The Explora I is set to offer tours to locations in the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, and across the Arabian Peninsula starting in 2024. Travelers can marvel at ancient wonders and immerse themselves in rich cultures.

From the golden sands of the Greek islands of Patmos and Corfu, to the sacred sites of Petra and Luxor, passengers on the Explora I can enjoy a unique and diverse itinerary however they choose. After the Explora I, the Explora II is to set sail in 2024, bringing guests to the lively reefs of the Caribbean and the sun-soaked Central America.

Life onboard

Apart from the varied tours, Explora Journeys prides itself on an enriching onboard experience. A feature from Financial Review on the Explora I highlights that the ship’s world-class cuisine and wine, the premium onboard shopping offerings, and the soothing spa and wellness services at sea all aim to ensure guests reach the “ocean state of mind.” This entails that passengers can connect to their surroundings, others, and even their inner selves as they travel by sea. Even the suites have been designed with luxury, complete with a bedroom, living room, a walk-in closet, and a terrace for private outdoor lounging.

Enrichment programs

Other than the essential cruise amenities and provisions, onboard enrichment is also a major part of the luxury cruise experience on the Explora I. One example is talks given by experts on certain topics, such as a short lecture on the work of artisanal accessories and bag designer Stefano Conticelli in The Journey Shop.

Passengers can listen and learn something new onboard while pursuing luxury products from high-end brands. Guests can also listen to talks by baristas about the origins of coffee varietals or discussions from artists about their creative process and works. These enrichment programs allow for a unique learning experience and environment, keeping life onboard continuously exciting and intriguing.

The Explora Journeys luxury cruise line has only launched recently but has already been receiving glowing reviews from passengers and the press, such as Travel + Leisure, Business Insider, AFAR Media, and more. As the brand and fleet continue to grow, it’s likely that more and more people will be willing to invest in the experience the ship offers for their next trip. There’s much in store for Explora Journeys as it begins its first full year of operation in 2024, and hopefully, it will be able to maintain the momentum it has gained.

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