GAME OVER, MAN Movie Review

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Netflix’s latest film project, Game Over Man! , is a slapstick comedy heist story that will have plenty of laughs, predictability, and low brow humor that won’t take many by surprise. Starring Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson, three lowly housekeepers are down on their luck and want to make it big, only to stumble into what can be best described as a discount Die Hard knockoff hostage plot.

The heist begins.

The premise of the film follows the three friends on their quest to woo and gain favor of the Insta-Famous and insanely rich sensation, Bey Awadi (Utkarsh Ambudkar), who they are hoping will be interested in backing their latest scheme that involves an interactive, human controlled video game. As they prepare for what they think is the chance of a lifetime, a group of highly trained criminals sneak into the hotel posing as security to take the entire hotel hostage in order to steal Bey’s fortune. With a case of the worst timing ever, the trio witness an attack on their boss, having to run and hide from the would be criminal onslaught. Within minutes, the hotel is wired to blow and taken over, leaving the guys with two choices: Run or Save the Day.

Game Over Man

As you can guess, they run, only to be forced into a fight that leads them to a bizarre take down of two of the thugs that leads to way too much skin for Devine. As the film continues, they bumble and awkwardly push through the danger zone to try and save their shot at fame.

This film is a crotch shot in comedy, filling in every possible gross joke you can imagine that features over the top nudity, gore, and elements you’d find in a less than remembered episode of Family Guy. If you thought Borat was a bit hard to watch, this film is definitely not one you want to sit down to. From the get go, used condoms will fly, salads will be tossed, and your gag reflex will be in full throttle. For those who like this kind of humor, the film will be comedy gold. Yet, for the rest of the movie loving masses, this is a must pass.

The reason behind that is simple. The film is bloated, filled with way too many adolescent gags and jokes you’d hear from middle school locker rooms. The punch lines are undermined by the incessant need for blood and guts, and having so many cringe worthy scenes back to back to back makes it hard to digest and get through to the next part of the movie. Still, the performances are spot on and the entire cast gives it their all. A lot of effort and fun went into the creation of this movie. This provides some slight redemption, as it creates a genuine element that is desperately needed.

The film has star power, bringing in cameos from all ranges of television and film. Though it does feel like a Netflix class reunion with actors like Scrubs‘ Donald Faison and The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale’s Joel McHale. (Say that five times fast). In the end, the cameos and few moments of surprise aren’t enough to keep this film from tanking.

Regardless of how well it will be received, a sequel was not only teased, but fully advertised at the end of the feature. There will be plenty more to come, and whether you like that or not, “Game Over” is just the beginning.

Game Over, Man! is rated MA and now available for all Netflix Subscribers.