Greg Giraldo: Midlife Vices- on DVD

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You may recognize Greg Giraldo as being one of the many presenters on the Comedy Central Roasts.  I’ve always noticed he has been the butt of all jokes during the roasts.  The comedians always seem to be the harshest toward him as they seem to always bash his stand-up stating it’s not funny or that no one has ever heard of him.  Well, both are true.  I didn’t hear about him until the first Comedy Central Roast I watched and his comedy really isn’t that grand.

Giraldo’s stand-up usually involves insane stories of life in New York.  Sadly, I’ve never been to New York and can’t really relate to everything about New York.  I’m sure life near Los Angeles deals with many of the same type of freaks you may come upon in New York, but his comedy still plays toward the New York audience.  The rest of the act deals with everyday life situations of people sick of the world they live.

His comedic style involves telling an insane story about somewhere he was and comes up with a dirty joke to compare what happened.  I’m not saying this is a bad technique, but I wasn’t finding his stories too laugh-out-loud funny.  I definitely still laughed to myself and found many parts humorous.  However, I don’t see myself running to tell my friends or co-workers how great he is.

Most of his jokes are about true scenarios or are semi-intelligent.  This is a style I usually prefer, but I just wasn’t finding it that great.  It seems more like conversations I may have with my friends.

I do give him a hand when he stops in the middle of his act to point out an audience member sleeping during his show.  He improvises very well. Giraldo cracks some jokes and slams at the audience member and then easily moves on with his act.  The act was a little better from this moment on.  Unfortunately, he does seem to continue with jokes for a little too long with way too many analogies.

Of course it’s all up to everyone’s own interpretation.  I was never bored watching the special and wouldn’t mind sitting through it on TV.  Having it in my collection may not be necessary though.


Also included in the DVD is his Comedy Central Presents Special.  I actually found this stand-up routine from 2000 far better than his hour special.  It’s more about everyday situations that everyone can relate to.  He didn’t seem as comfortable, but many of his stories still relate well to today.

The other feature of the whopping two features is a never-before-seen pilot of his show entitled “Adult Content”.  This style and format is very similar to most comedian sketch/stand-up shows.  The only difference was this was all about the sex and how we can all relate.  Wouldn’t have been that bad of a show and could have competed with Demetri Martin or Carlos Mencia.


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