Hadestown The Tony-Winning Best Musical Theatre Review


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Hadestown is the most significant contemporary musical to get you back for a live theatrical experience. If you prefer your Broadway musical theatre to be a blend between jazz and mythological folk tale over rap and American history, then this is the hot ticket you’ve been waiting for. This is a timeless tale made even more timeless. The show doesn’t have actors playing characters on stage. Actors bring themselves taking on the roles onstage to play out what is more important: the story. Like revealing the puppeteers behind the puppets. Everything from the jazz orchestration, depression-era clothing, industrial setting, all has a significant piece to play that complements one another.

The mythological tale of Orpheus and Eurydice is the classic and tragic Greek love story all can expect not to have a happy ending. Yet the story is told over and over again despite producing the same outcome. Hermes reminds the listeners what to expect, yet we are still blown away. What matters is the lessons the audience can take away from this warning of life as well as the way the story is recounted. Some character traits have been modified to fit a linear storyline, but doesn’t take away, only enhances the message of love.


The love story between Orpheus and Eurydice parallels that of Hades and Persephone. Orpheus gets closer to his goal of completing a song to brighten the world only with the love and energy of Eurydice in each other’s embrace. The Fates and Hades tempt Eurydice to the Underworld where Orpheus must go on a hero’s journey putting his faith and doubt to the test. Hermes bookends the conclusion, just as he did in the opening, that this cautionary tale does not have a happy ending.

Yet storytellers retell and the audience consumes like it was revealed for the first time. The audience is given the opportunity to find the take away and apply the lessons to our own lives with or without action. Levi Kreis (Hermes) brings is Tony Award-winning appeal to the stage. Kevyn Morrow (Hades) carrys a Keith David-like magnetism and suave. Kimberly Marable (Persephone) is a powerhouse from the original Broadway company of Hadestown.

The musicians not only play their instruments live, but live on stage with the actors. They are just as important to the story brought to life as the actors. The small piece band includes the cello, violin, guitar, trombone, glockenspiel, double bass, drums, and piano.


The simple yet powerful technical features enhances the stellar performances. The turntable in center stage signifying the endless cycle to the burned out workers and infinite journey to Hell and back. Sweeping choreography of swinging lights that light the darkness, dodging obstacles, and descent to the Underworld. The static set morphs into the Underworld with blinding awe.

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Hadestown is a masterpiece in telling a timeless story. The kind of story you’ll want to relive again and again. Inspires hope to the hopeless. An empowering musical for the young and old. Don’t wait for this non-stop trip to the deepest depths of the heart and soul. Now playing at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa until August 21, 2022.