Movie Review: "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

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Eight years after Harry Potter made his debut on the silver screen with The Sorcerer’s Stone, the franchise’s magic beams as bright as ever. The initial appeal of the Harry Potter series was the mystical appeal of the incredible fantasy world that many of us dreamt about. Even though the magical world just beyond the Leaky Cauldron is now embedded in every Harry fanatic’s mind, the love for these books and films has never dwindled. J.K. Rowling not only created a fantastical world, but an ever intriguing drama within it.

The latest installment to the film franchise, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, propels the series forward not only by pushing forward the plotline, but by keeping these maturing characters fresh. Any fan of the series has undoubtedly noticed the dark nature of the thickening plot. The emergence of Voldemort and his Death Eaters has cast a shadow over the entire wizarding world, making the consequences of Harry’s every action dire. Throughout the series, Harry has always shied away from his famous name, but here he embraces his role as The Chosen One in a number of ways. He uses his celebrity status to seduce important information from teacher and he carries out missions for Dumbledore. As a hero, Harry truly comes into his own.

Despite the dark nature of the plot, it is balanced out by easily being the most humorous film of the series and possibly the second most funny of the summer (behind The Hangover of course). In the past, Rupert Gint as Ron has admirably carried most of the comical relief efforts by himself, but this time he gets help. Hogwarts might easily be mistaken for a witty version of Bayside High (Saved By The Bell). The awkward and humorous situations never seem to end and surprisingly never take away from the real action being taken place.

For its dark spellbinding action and witty humor, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is the best installment into the film’s franchise and one of the top films of the summer.

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