HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: Remix Edition on Blu-ray

If you have kids or know people who have kids, then you know all about High School Musical.  The success of this Disney Channel TV movie took everyone, including Disney, by surprise.  With only a mere $4 million budget, it had record-breaking ratings, the best-selling album of 2006, best-selling DVDs, concert tours, stage tours, book series, video games, reality show, and has been seen in more than 20 languages in over 100 countries.  For those who don’t know, the film follows the tough choices between popular basketball team captain Troy and stunning academic Gabriella who shock their social cliques when they audition for the school’s musical. Through the lyrics of a number of catchy, upbeat songs and dances, they try to help their peers become more open-minded and accepting of their choices.

The film looks brilliant on Disney Blu-Ray with no noticeable artifacts or flaws.  The surround sound is underutilized since the movie was originally designed for television.  Most of the dialogue is front heavy and the musical numbers can sound a little flat.  Also, the extras fall a little short since they are mostly promotional featurettes.  Kids will enjoy the dance-along features.  Overall, it looks great, but could have sounded better for a Blu-Ray musical movie.

SoCalThrills Staff
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