Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar Game Review

Jurassic World The Legacy of Isla Nublar

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Unlock the mysteries of the island and return to the world of Jurassic Park with the release of Prospero Hall and Funko Games’ Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar. The game, which was created as part of a widely successful crowdfunding effort, was first teased at Funko’s Jurassic World: Dominion event earlier this year.

The Legacy of Isla Nublar will take 1 to 4 players on various adventures across the entire timeline of the Jurassic Saga, giving them a chance to take on the roles of iconic park founder, John Hammond and visionary Simon Masrani, transforming the island of Isla Nublar into the world’s foremost theme park filled with one of a kind sights and attractions unlike no other.

This RPG will also connect fans with familiar characters that will help shape the story, including the likes of Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, and Dr. Ian Malcolm, as well as Jurassic World personnel such as Claire Dearing and Dr. Henry Wu, each with their own part to play in creating a legacy all your own.

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Split into twelve separate adventure stories, players will help shape the layout of the park, with each round being just as exciting and perilous as the next. Throughout the game, you will be responsible for the creation of brand new dinosaurs, unlocking DNA and being held accountable for all your choices. Just like Hammond, the lives of your park visitors will be in your hands, and the fate of your island will all come down to the decisions you make as a team, with no going back if things get out of hand.

This game is massive, requiring time and patience as you set up, creating a fully immersive experience that is the perfect adventure for any Jurassic Park fan. Immediately, iconic moments and visuals are brought to life when opening the game for the first time, with more Easter eggs than you can find in an motherlode of mosquito infused amber.

Jurassic World

The design stuns, leaving no detail untouched, especially when looking at the beautifully crafted dinosaur figures, each depicting favorite species and in some cases, favorite scenes from these prehistoric creatures.

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Fans are also greeted with the famed quote from Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcom, “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should” upon opening the game, providing a weary reminder of the risks you will about to partake in bringing your world to life.  It’s a true collectors dream, and a perfect gift for the most hardcore of Jurassic fans.

Stop signs, warnings, and rules are laid out for each adventure, creating a completely unpredictable experience for everyone. Every game has the chance to be different, with the outcomes playing out in real time through each turn of the board.

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We had a chance to play the Tutorial Adventure, which acts as a demo and practice environment for the game. Unlike the other adventures, this one is entirely replayable and gives players of all skill levels the chance to practice and get comfortable with the story’s hefty rules and setup.

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Though a bit overwhelming at first glance, the payoff is well worth it, as The Legacy of Isla Nublar creates an unparalleled cinematic and immersive experience, transporting you right into the very best that the world of Jurassic Park has to offer. All the while, the game also gives you a clean slate to customize your story and the fate of the island as you see fit, creating an exciting prospect for many fans who may have had their own fantasies about what it would be like to bring the island to life.

You can pick up your copy of Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar by visiting Funko’s official site, or by visiting Amazon’s official listing for the game.

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