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Three unlikely friends set out on a journey to find the dreaded ghost of Captain LeRouge whose treasure-laden ship was lost in the Louisiana bayou over two hundred years ago.  What they find is an adventure beyond their wildest imagination and the magical swamp creature “Labou” whose whistles are rumored to be the original inspiration for jazz.  With the help of Labou, the kids race to stay one step ahead of two crazy oil moguls, but can they find the long lost treasure and save the swamps before it’s too late?

Legend has it the famed pirate, Captain LeRouge haunts the Louisiana bayou where his treasure-filled ship went down after it was struck by a hurricane.  Embarking on the journey of a lifetime, three friends come together to discover that some legends are true in the action-adventure fantasy Labou, arriving on DVD from MGM Home Entertainment.  From the creative minds known best for their behind-the-scenes work in Disney’s The Haunted Mansion, The Country Bears, Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed and more, Labou is about the camaraderie of three children in search of a ghost pirate and his long lost treasure.  Eager to get back at the school bully, feisty Emily and the new kid, Gavin challenge Toddster to explore the eerie and murky Louisiana swamps.  Lost in the bayou after being chased by the ghost of Captain LeRouge, the kids stumble across a lovable little creature named Labou whose home is about to be destroyed by two money hungry oil tycoons.  Determined to save the swamps and their new found friend, they devise a plan and enlist the help of the legendary ghost pirate to rid the wetlands of its imposters once and for all.

Voted as “Best Feature” at the 10th Annual Brooklyn Academy of Music Kids Film Festival in New York, Labou offers positive life lessons about teamwork, friendship and good versus evil through captivating music, inspiring characters and high-octance action that will excite kids of all ages.
Special Features:
The Labou DVD is presented in widescreen (1.85:1) format with English 5.1 Dolby Surround sound and English subtitles.  Bonus features include: 
• Audio commentary with director and writer Greg Aronowitz, producer Sheri Bryant and actor Chris Violette 
• Building Labou
• The Casting Process
• The Making of Labou: Part One and Part Two
• The Music of Labou
• Special Effects
• New Orleans: Points of Interest

The Special Features portion of Labou (especially The Making Of Labou, Parts 1 & 2) is unusually interesting. What began as a low-budget film ended up looking like a far more sophisticated one, and the creativity of Greg Aronowitz and his partner Sheri Bryant and all of their helpers in creating a swamp where there was none, the illusion of a ship hurtling itself across the sky against the background of the moon, and the intriguing animatronics used to create the Labou are absolutely amazing! The entire family can enjoy Labou together, along with the sinister feel of alligators and 12-foot poisonous snakes! They can laugh at the many one-liner jokes in this action-packed film knowing that there are still people who care about the Earth!

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