Jim Breuer – Let’s Clear the Air on DVD

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Mr. Goat Boy’s new stand-up is very reminiscent of his past.  Jim Breuer starts his comedy routine recollecting his memories from HALF BAKED and “Saturday Night Life”, which he joined in 1995.  Being a little worried that he was only going to talk about his past, Breuer fortunately quickly switched to talking about his recent life activities.  Looking forward where he was going with his stand-up, I was little disappointed that he would only talk about his family.

Jim Breuer’s routine was still funny, but I wouldn’t say I found myself laughing out loud much.  His impressions, which I didn’t know he did, were actually quite good.  Make sure you watch the video being played during the menu screen.  Here Breuer is acting as if he is talking to the viewer about picking a selection on the menu.  During this he does impressions of Dave Chappelle, Metallica, Joe Pesci, and even some of his classic Goat Boy bit.  There is also a semi-funny video that plays during the special features screen.

One thing you must realize before going into this DVD is that Jim Breuer is now a family man.  He has a wife and three children, and loves talking about them.  His comedy is relatively clean to what’s out there today.  Being such a clean comedy act, I would almost say this is family friendly.  There are only a few bits that are questionable.  I was mildly entertained throughout, but I don’t see many people finding this absolutely hilarious unless they already were fans.

An aspect I was really impressed with was how active and physical he was with his comedy.  Jim was all over the stage jumping and crawling doing some superb physical humor.   I always appreciate a comedian that goes up there and puts forth a lot of effort like this.  The audience really seemed to find it hysterical, but I am going to say I was just entertained.  That might be possibly all you need.

Photo Shoot – Just a short video taken during a photo shoot for the DVD.

Fireside Chat with Dad – Actually quite funny! How Jim and his dad talk with each other is hilarious.  Best part is how quick his dad is with comebacks.  “Now scram!”

The special features selection is quite small with not more really to offer then his just over an hour long stand-up routine.  I must say, he looks a lot older and his comedy is as well.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  At least he doesn’t appear as “high” as he used to, then again that was a part of his shtick and he’s still trying to bank off of it.

I’m glad to see Jim Breuer still doing some stand-up and I do look forward to his next special even though this wasn’t anything unique.  I haven’t heard his SIRIUS Satellite Radio show entitled “Breuer Unleashed”, but I’m glad he is still doing something with himself.  Hopefully his next tour focuses more on other parts of life then his family.