DVD Review "My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic: Spooktacular Pony Tales"

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MLPSpook_Box Art

Halloween is just around the spooky corner.  To get your little ones ready – Factory Kids and Hasbro Studios is releasing My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic Spooktacular Pony Tales on DVD.

The DVD  includes episodes with all the Little Pony favorites from Ponyville – Rarity, AppleJack, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Fluttershy, Princess Luna and my two favorites Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.

The 6 Episodes included in the DVD are titled –  Boast Busters, Stare Masters, Luna Eclipsed, Sleepless in Ponyville, Castle Mane-ia, Bats!  Boast Busters starts the DVD with a battle between the Ponyville favorites and a newcomer Trixie, who is likes to go around showing off her magical powers. Luna Eclipsed has Princess Luna visiting Ponyville during the Halloween festival and wanting to just fit in instead of having everyone running away and scared of her.  Sleepless in Ponyville about a camping trip and spooky stories was very cute, but might give the little ones nightmares.  Castle Mane-ia has Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack competing for the title of most daring pony by spending the night at a haunted castle.  The last episode – Bats! has Apple Jack fighting a swarm of bats who have destroyed the apple orchard.   What happens to Fluttershy in the Bats! episode is something My Little Pony fans will not want to miss.

All the episodes were cute and as always teach kids a lesson in teamwork and friendship.  The Halloween theme featured in each might be a bit scary for the younger viewers, but older kids will enjoy the stories.  The Bats! sing along at the end of the DVD will have the kids singing “Stop the bats, Stop the bats, make them go and not come back”  over and over again.

My Little Pony- Friendship is Magic Spooktacular Pony Tales is a perfect addition to your collection.   Get your copy soon and enjoy the DVD, poster and pumpkin carving stencils with your little witches and goblins.

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