Local Heroine Saves the Day! Calico Gold Heist Foiled!

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*This is a fictional article based off Knott’s Berry Farm’s “Ghost Town Alive”. You can learn more about the seasonal event by clicking here*

The town of Calico was rocked by an attempt to steal Peg Leg’s famous gold nugget from the Miner’s Bank of Calico earlier today. Three separate groups were caught at the scene of the crime, facing off against local authorities before being brought to justice. One of those groups was led by local townswoman, Miss Violet. This was seen as a major blow to the townsfolk, as Miss Violet was a trusted citizen of Calico. Who can the town rely on after such a devious crime?

As the investigation continues, new information has come to light, providing a new and exciting twist with the heist. After speaking to inside sources and members of the press that were present at the scene, Miss Violet may not have been part of the heist at all!

Miss Violet caught wind of the other two groups plans to rob the local establishment and took action. She armed herself, rallied a group of trusted allies, and marched to the bank to stop the bandits from claiming their prize. The mission was covert in nature, allowing Miss Violet and her band of defenders to pose as criminals with the intent to steal.

During the epic struggle, Miss Violet dashed into harm’s way, causing a distraction that would give the town sheriff time to arrive at the scene and apprehend the criminals. Though she was taken in with the rest of the bandits, Miss Violet stayed silent, not wanting to arouse suspicion into her true objective: serving justice. One of her trusted friends, known to locals as Quinn the Moose, spoke up during the aftermath and vindicated Miss Violet’s name with the local authorities. “Miss Violet saved the day. She distracted the robbers and is a town hero”, said Quinn.

Miss Violet proudly holds up a copy of the Calico Gazette, shedding some light on her heroic deeds earlier this afternoon.
Miss Violet proudly holds up a copy of the Calico Gazette, shedding some light on her heroic deeds earlier this afternoon.

After hearing the news and plans to foil the bank heist, Miss Violet was proclaimed a local heroine, restoring her good name with the people. Immediately following the announcement, local townspeople began reaching out to help the young woman, who is trying to keep the town hotel from economic collapse. Rumor also states that Miss Violet may have many a suitor interested in taking her to the Founder’s Day Hoedown, which will be the epicenter of festivities for the entire county.

Though the real perpetrator behind the gold nugget heist may still be at large, it’s nice to know the town has brave and courageous souls like Miss Violet. A large group of criminals is now off the streets and under the careful eye of judge and sheriff. In such troublesome times, the world needs more who will rise up to the call of justice and take action to protect the people of Calico. If you see Miss Violet while you’re in town, make sure to say hello and give proper thanks to the woman that saved the town from almost certain calamity.

Stories just like this one happen every day during Knott’s Berry Farm’s “Ghost Town Alive” event. Chose your side, make your own story, and be a part of the adventure. You never know what exciting things await!

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