Knott’s Berry Farm Comes Alive This Summer

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Summer is in full swing over at Knott’s Berry Farm, featuring new shows, old favorites, and golden opportunities for guests of all ages. To headline the season, Knott’s has debuted a brand new stage show called “Beach Blanket Beagle”. The new musical takes the park’s entertainment to a whole new level, blowing past seasonal offerings out of the water. It’s definitely a show to get excited about!

“Beach Blanket Beagle” is centered around vintage beach and surf culture, showcasing a large assortment of classic songs from the Beach Boys, The Crystals, and Elvis Presley. Each song is weaved in with a clever story that brings plenty of dazzle. The show features rain, intricate moving stage transitions, and real fire dancing. It’s sure to be an instant classic, fitting in perfectly with the Boardwalk theme and Knott’s new coaster, HangTime. At a staggering 150 feet, the record setting attraction is a California dream, taking riders on an epic surf at speeds of up to 57 MPH. In case you missed our opening coverage, you can catch up on the new sensation by clicking here.

The ever popular “Ghost Town Alive” has also returned, bringing guests a fully interactive, one of a kind experience. Every visit is an adventure, as guests will be transported back to the days of the wild frontier and be given the opportunity to become part of their own individualized story. You can search for a hidden treasure, go toe to toe with infamous bandits, tap your feet at the town’s annual hoedown, and so much more.

The basic premise of “Ghost Town Alive” is to think creatively and use your own imagination. Calico is filled with townspeople, all with a unique backstories and motivations. Some may have good intentions, while others may have a trick up their sleeve. How you interact with each person will help thrust you into countless possibilities, puzzles, and challenges. As you play along, you become a central part of the story, helping the townsfolk make decisions. A great example can be seen below, as visitors will play a hand in Calico’s town election.

Your influence fuels their actions, which gives you the power to be the author of your own tall tale. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced, being one of the most creative theme park attractions you may ever witness. To celebrate the return of the event, SoCalThrills has written up a special tribute to the Calico Gazette, featuring our own story experience while in the park. Make sure to check out this fun exclusive!

“Ghost Town Alive” runs on select days through September 3rd. Check out all the seasonal offerings and what’s to come next by visiting Knott’s official site!

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