Movie Review: "Something Borrowed"

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What do you do if you had a secret? Do you tell your best friend? What if it involves them? These are just a few of the questions asked in the new romantic comedy from Luke Greenfield (The Girl Next Door, The Animal) based on the novel by Emily Giffin.

Rachel is the girl next door who graduated law school with the help of Dex. During a celebratory dinner they are crashed on by Darcy, Rachel’s best friend from forever. Rachel being as she always has steps out of Darcy’s way and lets the two get to “know” each other even though she likes him. Something she has done since they were kids. But what if she doesn’t just sit idly by as Dex and Darcy are about to be married? What if Dex feels the same way? Just to spice it up a little their friends get involved and the hilarity begins.

Greenfield has assembled a very balanced cast and brought together a great production team to bring Emily Giffin’s story to the silver screen. With the screenplay writer, Jennie Snyder (90210, Lipstick Jungle), the film lifts the hearts and tickles the side of the audience. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a perfect movie as it does have some formulaic scenes that are predictable and cliché. Overall though, a well deserved applause for a fun film.

The cast is very well put together, anchored by Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love, Walk the Line) as Rachel and Dex played by Colin Eggesfield (The Au Pirs, Melrose Place). The chemistry between them is quiet charming on camera. Every scene you see them in you just can’t help but want to put them together, no matter how neurotic the character of Rachel is and that she has to please Darcy all the time. And Colin’s Dex is very well tailored with that hint of someone who is doing things for all the wrong reasons. I couldn’t help but notice how much Goodwin looks like and acts like a young Sally Fields. It is uncanny and helps her play Rachel in the believable way she does. Add the third wheel to this mix in Darcy played by Kate Hudson (Bride Wars, How to Lose a Man in Ten Days) and you can see the dynamics of the film played out. Hudson plays a similar character as she did in ‘How to Lose’ in that it is a manipulator who never sees how her actions reflect on people, it’s all about her and that’s all. Kind of like many other characters she’s played.

This is a comedy as well and would not be so without a little levity from the rest of the ensemble. First there’s Marcus, Dex’s best friend who is trying to get into every girls pants, played by Steve Howey(Shameless, Stan Helsing). A funny and offhand character you love to hate but can’t help to not laugh at him. And the fact we all know someone like him. Then there is Ashley Williams (Saving Grace, Heterosexuals) playing the clueless Claire. I say clueless in that she does not read guys very well or even takes there word to mean she must try harder. Rounding out the cast is one who I feel steals the show and really makes it flow, Ethan played by John Krasinski (The Office, It’s Complicated). Krasinski is the conscience of the film with the tongue in cheek quips along the way. His straight assessment of a situations is not only funny it’s a testament to the writing and his comedic background. He makes it his own and carries the ‘se la vie ‘attitude with him.

As I said this is a good film to take a date on and have a good time. There may have been a couple plots I could have done without and instead focused on not falling into the same story line as other romantic comedies. Helping the story along was the choice of music. I would like to give much gratitude to the music department and music direction of Alex Wurman (The Switch, March of the Penguins) for combining wonderful original music and remixing some fun classics. I look forward to seeing if they continue on with the story as hinted upon.

For my something borrowed I wish to say this; do what makes you happy and not what someone tells you to do or what you think will make them happy. Life is an adventure and too short to appease everyone. Sometimes you have to worry about yourself first and then others. If they do not understand then maybe they don’t need to be in your life. Live it fully and don’t take shortcuts. Thank you mom, for that wisdom, especially as we head into the Mothers Day weekend.

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