The Adventures of One eskimO

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The new medium of the webisode has finally gone mainstream or at least in the process. Warner Brothers, the movie studio who most exemplifies the tent-pole strategy, has ventured into the world of online digital media. The web has seen some progress as the medium of the future with original content like Neil Patrick Harris’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and Felicia Day’s The Guild, but efforts from media giants have yet to come to fruition until now.

Warner Brothers introduces their new project, One eskimO, an experiment that blends music, narrative, and interactive media all in one, which is to be released exclusively on the web. At the root of project is the UK band One eskimO whose music and name most likely provided the inspiration for the venture. Their music feels somewhat similar to pop adult contemporary acts, like The Fray, but with an electronica ambiance tinge. They recently released their debut effort, All Balloons, which provides the backdrop for the soon to be web series.

The basis for the plot is fairly simple with the protagonist, One eskimO, on the search for his love, Little Feather with his animal pals. The series animation is provided by Jamie Hewlett, the animator for the digital band, Gorrilaz, and does an exceptional job here as well. It will be interesting to see how well the efforts of a major studio are received considering the web’s tendency towards niche audiences.

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