Pinocchio 70th Anniversary Disney Blu-ray & DVD

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A lonely clockmaker named Gepetto carves a wooden boy and names him Pinocchio because he longs for the family he never had. A Blue Rairy hears his longing when he wishes on a star and brings the wooden Pinocchio to life. She also promises that he has the opportunity to become a real boy if he tries to be good – a message most parents will appreciate. She gives Pinocchio (Dickie Jones) a conscience in the form of Jiminy Cricket (Cliff Edwards). Almost as soon as he enters the world, he gets into mischief, ultimately ending up at Pleasure Island where bad boys makes asses of themselves-literally turning into donkeys. After escaping, he learns that Gepetto has gone missing while searching for him and now he sets out with Jiminy Cricket to locate his father who has been swallowed by the giant whale named Monstro. The heartwarming ending will live in the heart of anyone who has ever wished upon a star.

The video transfer to Blu-ray is in its original 4:3 aspect ratio. Compared to its former DVD release, the color transfer is quite impressive. In some of scenes, such as the opening shot of Gepetto’s village, it’s possible to see distant detail that was hard to see in earlier prints. The audio transfer is clean, though its original audio mix is front-heavy with occasional sound effects from the rear.

There is a bundle of bonus features presented in high definition, including the “No Strings Attached” making-of featurette, an audio commentary with film critic Leonard Maltin, a music jukebox featuring music from the film, Pinocchio fun facts that appear as you watch the film, art galleries, deleted scenes, and more. There is also a DVD version of the film.

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