Pixar Pier Now Open at the Disneyland Resort

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Disney Parks fans got their first chance to visit the long awaited Pixar Pier, which just debuted in the heart of Disney California Adventure. The new overlay is filled with new experiences, foods, merchandise, and photo opportunities. It’s a bright, fun, colorful adventure worth exploring!

The most talked about addition to Pixar Pier is the new “Incredicoaster”. With the same speed and track as the former, California Screamin’, this coaster is a high speed thrill ride that brings you right into the story of Disney-Pixar’s Incredibles. Jack Jack’s new powers take over the coaster, and the rest of his family comes along for the ride. The entire attraction has been given character, providing a quick look at some of his amazing skills. Each twist and turn leads you into a quest to bring baby Jack Jack home, though you may be in for a few surprises. You can take a closer look for yourself by checking out our ride through overview, which puts you right in the middle of the action.

Speaking of action, there’s still plenty to do over at the Midway. The Toy Story themed neighborhood is home to the classic, Toy Story Midway Mania, in addition to the updated Pixar-Pal-Around, which is a new twist on the original, Mickey’s Fun Wheel. Now Pixar Characters will take the sky and bring you to new heights. Though, we will stick to the stationary gondola if you don’t mind. For those more daring, feel free to take a quick swing around the bay!

There will be more attractions on the way to the Pier, including the recently announced, Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind. Opening in 2019, it’s a family friendly ride that is promised to be full of emotion. The new Inside Out attraction will be joined by Jessie’s Critter Carousel, which will also arrive next year.

As the Pier has just opened, there are still some finishing touches needed before the themed area becomes fully operational. Yet, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a shortage of things to do. The area is filled with color, character meet and greets, and photo opportunities. The highlight of it all is the fabulous, Edna Mode, who can be found mingling near the “Incredicoaster”. Make sure to grab a quick glamour shot, as her debut is sure to be a big smash. The entry to the pier will also feature new billboards, each hosting various Pixar characters, and providing fresh looks for you to create your own Pixar themed photo shoot.

Once you are done soaking in the sights and sounds, there will be plenty of food offerings to keep you happy and full of delicious daydreams. If you want a quick snack, Buzz Lightyear will be serving churros at Senor Buzz Churros, Jack Jack will have special baked treats, including his famous chocolate chip favorite, and Anger will be firing up things over at his new hot dog stand, Angry Dogs.

The only challenge is knowing where to start, which has been made easy with Pixar Pier’s new food guide. It can be found inside the Pier, at Knick’s Knacks, a wonderful Pixar Short inspired gift shop, filled with plenty amazing new merchandise and special one of a kind trinkets.

Though, make sure to save some room, as the beacon of deliciousness will be at the newest hotspot, The Lamplight Lounge. Featuring a bar lounge and restaurant, this place is hopping and full of classy references from all your favorite Pixar films. As you wander around, you’ll see famous quotes, behind the scenes snapshots, as well as one a kind Pixar props and collections from the studio. The menu is filled with special nods, including the iconic Ratatouille, which is a delicious way to celebrate your love of all things Pixar. Reservations are filling fast, so make sure to check with Disney Dining for your chance to enjoy all Lamplight Lounge has to offer.

Pixar Pier is now open, welcoming guests of all ages to take part in the fun. Pixar Fest will continue until September 3rd. Make sure to stay tuned for more exciting updates, as SoCalThrills will be providing a full overview of the food, entertainment offerings, and more!