Power Rangers RPM: Start Your Engines on DVD

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Admittedly, as a series Power Ranger RPM does a few things wrong, but surprisingly quite alot right. With a fine balance of humor, story, and signature pyrotechnics, this first entry into the RPM series proves to have a whole lot of potential.

For those who are unfamiliar with the series; Power Rangers capitalizes on a teenage team of heroes who unite to defeat the latest power-hungry villain. This time around said baddie is Venjix, a diabolical and omniscient computer virus who is able to construct an army of robotic grunts and even more intricate mechanical monsters (which inevitably are defeated by the Rangers…until they increase in size and are defeated by the Megazord)

This new team of Rangers features a varied cast, not just in appearance or uniform color but also in character development. That’s right; shocking. The latest installment not only provides high-energy fight scenes and ridiculous Zord sequences, but also fast-paced dialogue and a rather intriguing story (so far) Scott, Flynn, and Summer (the Red, Blue and Yellow rangers; respectively) under the leadership of the mysterious Dr. K, unite as a team of super-suited defenders charged with the protection of the dome-city of Corinth, the last safe haven for humans on the planet.

The show is also driven by the new members of the team and relative outsiders, Dillon the mysterious, rugged, “rogue-hero” who’s loss of memory and mechanical circuitry make him an incredibly interesting character to follow. And rounding out the team with the lovable Ziggy, who serves as the sleezy sidekick, and accidental Green Ranger, and provides hilarious interactions with the rest of the team and even some of the Venjix operatives.

As far as DVD’s go, this is easily the most lackluster I have seen. From the confusing cover to the frustrating lack of anything resembling bonus material. Furthermore, as this disc holds only five episodes, this latest Ranger release strikes me as anything but consumer-oriented.

Power Rangers RPM is recieving an unimpressive 2 out of 5. The 2 points being in favor of this rather enjoyable Sci-Fi series, that is crippled by Buena Vista’s extremely poor delivery.

(*Author Advice: Why not consider saving your money for a more complete collection?)

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