The Peanuts (1960's Collection)

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There is something so profoundly powerful about truth. Which explains the fuel of Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts”, which chronicles the American day-dream, one that is a little more realistic, and often alot less glorified then our more fantastic dreams. “Peanuts” is for anyone who has ever found themselves feeling sick of being the runner up; being the last picked for the ballteam; or not being able to talk to that little red-headed girl.

No matter your story, this collection is guaranteed to touch at least one soft spot.

Ofcourse in the Peanuts gang, one is bound to have a favorite or two; From the delightfully melancholy misadventures of Good Ole’ Charlie Brown to the unexpected existentialism of the blanket-bound Linus. However regardless of preference, the true heart of this series may lie under the big-nose of the brilliant beagle himself. (Eat your heart out Scooby-Doo) Snoopy, Daisy Hill Puppy Farm’s original animated pooch who uses  an endless imagination and often rebellious antics to add a layer of freedom and social commentary to the specials.

This long-awaited collections carries all six of the original 1960 TV specials; which include: The infamous “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, the warmly written “You’re in Love, Charlie Brown” and the well-timed “It was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown.” This 2-disc set is chock-full of these timeless stories wrapped in a 150 minutes worth of nostalgia. Charlie Brown’s famous catchphrase sums it all up. “Good grief” is the perfect summary for the Peanuts latest multimedia journey; a pleasant presentation of our slightly-tragic round-headed hero.

However for all of it’s memorable moments, impressive presentation, and charming packing, the set itself contains little bonus material aside from the usual language tracks and a very misleading “Woodstock” trailer (no, Warner Bros is not releasing a movie about Snoopy’s feathered compatriot) Although the second disc does hold a very interesting profile piece on Peanuts composer and jazz genius Vince Gauraldi, a definate must-see for any true Beagle Scout.

For it’s fantastic presentation of a remastered collection, the “Peanuts 1960’s Collection” is receiving a commendable 4 out of 5, just short of the trophy score for lacking some extra goodies. (Which for a series so rich in history, is a bonus Snoopy reel too much to ask?)

In the end, this set is recommended to anyone looking for an extra dose of cozy over their summer break or to the average Joe Cool looking for an escape from the latest televised mediocrity. Take this quick dip into yesterday and pick up this truly classic collection of heart-felt and downright funny stories. Personally, I will be making sure to put this on the top of my next list to the Great Pumpkin!  

(–And if you want to avoid a visit from the fearless WWI flying ace himself…You would be wise to do the same)


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