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Magic and enchantment await audiences as they enter the world of Fairies with the release of an all-new original film, TINKER BELL.

This landmark motion picture produced by DisneyToon Studios reveals the story of Tinker Bell’s early life while revealing many of life’s wondrous mysteries of nature. It provides new and fun answers for parents to the basic questions children ask about the world around them. Why do leaves change colors? Where does a rainbow get its glow? How do birds learn to fly? … It’s all the work of fairies!

“I fell in love with this idea, and I thought this is the key to Tinker Bell and the world that she comes from. Having these characters in this miniature world connected so deeply to nature and the changes that happen in nature through the seasons, it’s truly something that no one has ever seen before and that’s what is so exciting,“ remarks TINKER BELL executive producer, John Lasseter.

Lasseter, along with the film’s director Brad Raymond, art director Fred Warter and the entire filmmaking crew have woven an enchanting world where the magic of nature comes to life. As the tale of friendship and self-discovery unfolds, so does the wondrous changing of a season. The film’s relationship with nature was a key part of shaping TINKER BELL’s final creative path. Brad Raymond explains, “It was important to us to create a sensibility that allows the audience to relate to this fictional world. For TINKER BELL, it was relating the magic of the fairies to the world of nature.”

The enchantment of nature is even explored within the sounds and music of TINKER BELL. Composer, Joel McNeely went deep into the sounds of nature, weaving an array of natural sounds into his musical score. “When I heard the emphasis regarding nature, I immediately started thinking how I could represent that musically,” recalls McNeely. Sound Effects editor Ron Eng provided McNeely with an entire library of nature sounds and he began masterfully blending the delicate sounds of nature into his full-orchestral score. Mixed within the acoustics of the traditional instruments are croaking bullfrogs, chirping birds, water droplets, crickets and even whale songs. McNeely explains, ”When you hear a percussion track, it’s actually a sparrow or cicada; instead of a drum hit, it’s the sound of a water droplet; a frog instead of a low drum sound. I made a whole palette of them and we had fun – there were really no boundaries.”

Tinker Bell is enhanced by an impressive voice cast widely acclaimed for performances on stage and screen. Mae Whitman (Nights in Rodanthe) gives Tinker Bell her first true voice, and Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award winner America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) provides the voice of the mischievous Fawn, an animal fairy. Five-time Image Award honoree Raven-Symoné (College Road Trip) fills the illuminating role of Iridessa, a light fairy; Tony® Award winner Kristin Chenoweth (Pushing Daisies) offers the elegant tones of Rosetta, a garden fairy; and two-time SAG Awardee Lucy Liu (Dirty Sexy Money) plays Silvermist, an endearing water fairy. In addition, singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney lends his voice to Terence, keeper of the pixie dust, and Academy Award® winning actress Anjelica Huston (Prizzi’s Honor) reigns over Pixie Hollow as the voice of Queen Clarion.

Tinker Bell is the first in a series of films featuring the Disney Fairies, and has a suggested retail price of $29.99 DVD in the US., $34.99 SRP for the Blu-ray. Exclusive DVD and Blu-ray bonus features, including a behind-the-scenes “making of” featurette and more are divided into two distinctive menus.

PIXIE HOLLOW – takes viewers inside the mysterious Fairy world:

  1. MAGICAL GUIDE TO PIXIE HOLLOW – New fairies and visitors to Pixie Hollow get to explore this treasury of pixie lore and discover the ancient realm of fairies with Queen Clarion and Tinker Bell as their personal guides.
  2. “EVER WONDER” – Ever wonder how a rose bursts into bloom? Or how a rainbow stretches across the sky? Or how the morning dew paints a cobweb? “Ever Wonder” shows how fairies put the “wonder” in natural wonders. THE MAINLAND – explores the making of the movie:
  3. CREATING PIXIE HOLLOW – Discover how the filmmakers created the physical realm of Pixie Hollow along with its history and fairy society.
  4. DELETED SCENES – With filmmaker intros.

    Blu-ray Exclusive Bonus Materials

  1. Interactive BD live Guide to The Mysterious World of Pixie Hollow
  2. Set Top Game
  3. Making of Featurette
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