Once Upon a Time at the D23 Expo

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“Happy Beginnings”

A new beginning appears to be forming for Once Upon a Time fans according to the show’s creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. For those who have seen the season six finale, there are a lot of questions about what will come next in the epic fairy tale series.

Once Upon a Time
The group discuss what’s to come in the upcoming season.

The show’s latest season will focus on Henry and a “new” Enchanted Forest. As an adult, he will come to face new challenges and despite not revealing too much about the newest set of adventures, the creators did point out it’s a direction they are very excited about.

The biggest reveal was that we would see familiar characters in different forms. This includes Henry’s love interest, Cinderella. Along with many others, Cinderella will hold an alternate backstory than in previous seasons.

Henry's love interest is revealed to be a different version of Cinderella.
Henry’s love interest is revealed to be a different version of Cinderella.

Kitsis and Horowitz were quick to say that the new season is not rebooting or replacing the previous seasons. Instead, it will explore the reality of all fairytales in that there’s more than one version to every story.

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time
Colin charms the crowd at D23.

The panel was filled with lots of fun moments that included show trivia, behind the scenes surprises, as well as a special musical filled session with show front-runner, Colin O’Donoghue. Reprising his epic song of revenge from the sixth season, O’Donoghue wrapped up the panel with cheers and full attention from the entire audience.

The upcoming seventh season will also provide more details into Hook’s uncertain future and provide us all with answers to how the show will handle a new universe of heroes and villains. It’s going to be a new chapter a lot of people are going to be excited to learn more about in the coming months.