BBC Video Presents Wild Pacific – A Fascinating Voyage of Discovery

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I am going to be a student my entire life.  Not because I can’t seem to pass basic Psychology, but because I love learning.  Whether I am in a class, or just in the supermarket, I love learning new things everyday.  Sometimes, I enjoy using my new knowledge to seem cool at parties, but mostly I just enjoy learning about the world we live in.  For this reason, I loved BBC Earth’s latest project released to DVD, “Wild Pacific.”

The same team of filmmakers and scientists that brought us “Planet Earth” and “Blue Planet” now brings us a more in depth look at the world’s largest ocean, the Pacific.  Teeming with over 20,000 islands that only make up one percent of its surface, the Pacific is unfolded for the viewers’ educational pleasure in this six-hour, two-disc director’s cut, complete with an extra 10 minutes per episode going behind the scenes of the process to exploring such an expansive topic.

Complete with the smooth, vocal narration of Benedict Cumberbatch, “Wild Pacific” dazzles the eyes as well as the intellect with BBC’s expert team of high definition cinematographers capturing jaw-dropping sights ranging from the creation of islands by underwater volcanoes to the first flights of Albatross chicks.

And not only is it amazingly informative, but it looks gorgeous.  For anyone that longs to escape away to some tropical island for vacation, or just to escape from our everyday life, this DVD set is pure heaven.  With professional teams that include world-renowned surf-filmer, Bali Strickland, the viewer is treated to such sights as the underbelly of a crashing wave and schools of fish numbering in the thousands moving in tandem.  Above water, we are taken into a world of islands that range from tropical rainforests with volcanic mountains to secluded sandbars or snowed-in beaches.

Aside from the eye-candy of the landscapes presented, many of which renewed my dream of becoming exceedingly rich and building a mansion on my own island, “Wild Pacific” also documents hundreds of different types of animal life.  Many of these animals had never before been filmed, and BBC Earth had the honor of bringing their likeness to the TV screens of millions worldwide.  It was moments like these and the excitement that came with them that woke me out of the drooling stupor invoked by the numerous paradisiacal settings I had been seeing.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, though I wouldn’t suggest trying to sit and digest the whole six hour series in one go.  It is more enjoyable to be able to process what you’ve seen for a while before moving on to the next episode.  BBC Earth’s series, “Wild Pacific,” is distributed by BBC Worldwide through Warner Home Video, Inc. and is available on DVD July 14th.


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