A Colorful Look at Pixar Pier’s Attractions and Entertainment

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The world of Pixar Pier has been revealed, bringing in a wide assortment of fun entertainment offerings for fans to enjoy and take part in. From the new “Incredicoaster” to boardwalk games, to the Paint the Night Parade, there’s something for the whole family.

Right off the bat, let’s kick it into high gear and hop onto the “Incredicoaster”. Dedicated to the Incredibles, this coaster is filled with stunning visuals and unique twists and turns. Just as we stated in our coverage of opening weekend, this ride keeps the speed and daring spins of California Screamin’ in tact while creating a story based coaster with some real character. Check out the full ride through below, which also includes a walk through of the new queue. You will find descriptions of each character along with an entertaining preshow.

Make sure to look closely as you start the attraction, as you will get a good look at Edna and Jack-Jack. As you go through the ride, you will also get to see the entire family in action, but there are still some details that may be missed. The first being Dash’s surprise cameo at the beginning of the ride. As you are launching, look to the left, as you will see the water splashing at a high speed along the side of your car. This isn’t by accident, as Dash is moving so quickly, you only see the water trail he leaves behind. It’s a cool little touch that may be hard to see on your first outing. You can also find Jack-Jack multiplying towards the end of the coaster, taking over the entire building tops of Toy Story Mania! Make sure to pay close attention, as a lot of the special touches for each part of the coaster whip by in a flash. Once you are done, make sure to grab a snack at Jack-Jack’s Cookie Num Num’s, which you can read all about by checking out our food overview.

For fans of the original Boardwalk Games, a new twist can be found that brings new prizes and fun. Each game focuses on various Pixar characters from the films and shorts La Luna, Wall-E, A Bug’s Life, and Toy Story. The idea is simple, and the game mechanics stay the same as the original version; however, the prizes are brand new, bringing in a new challenge for those hardcore collectors. For the little ones, it also creates a fresh look that is easy to play along with.

A special look at some of the new prizes you can win at the Games of Pixar Pier!
A special look at some of the new prizes you can win at the Games of Pixar Pier!

The games are apart of the new Pixar Promenade, featuring character meet and greets, special dance parties, as well as musical performances. We had a chance to encounter Russell from Up and listen to the new band, The Pixarmonic Orchestra. This charming musical symphony performs various Pixar themed songs and jingles. Our favorite segment is the random segway into the Tripledent Gum commercial. The annoying jingle from Inside Out fits in perfectly and is good for a quick laugh. Pixar Promenade is just one of the special neighborhoods that can be found in the Pixar Pier.

When the sun goes down, the play continues in the Pier area as fans prepare for the Paint the Night Parade. To celebrate Pixar Pier, The Incredibles have joined the nighttime spectacular with their very own float. The sequence includes Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl at the forefront while Frozone, Jack-Jack, and Dash are also featured throughout the various elements of the float. Check it out for yourself below in this special first look from the float’s opening night.

The float is a spectacular addition to the parade, which we were able to get a closer look at in this exclusive behind the scenes video. Check out the amazing footage, showcasing the special effects and light elements that bring everything to life. The most impressive details come from Jack-Jack and Dash. Both are full of color and come together for a visually stunning presentation.

Don’t miss out on all the excitement! Pixar Pier is now open to guests and will continue to bring in new surprises within the coming months. Check out our full entertainment gallery below, showcasing more of the fun you’ll discover when you visit!