Important Things with Demetri Martin: Season One – ON DVD

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Demetri Martin has exploded on to the comedy circuit!  He was featured in his own Comedy Central special in 2004 and 2007 and now stars in his own television show on the same network.  “Important Things” is a take off his own comedy using his trademarked large white notepad to showcase his simplistic drawings, comical music pieces, and comedy sketches that are similar to what you might find on “Mad TV”.  If you are already a fan of Demetri Martin and his style, then there is no doubt that you will absolutely fall in love with his show.

Demetri’s intelligent humor mixed with an extremely dry delivery provides a fresh and original feel to his show.  It’s nice to see a little different take on the simple things in life and with a little twist, Demetri makes them comical.  His humor isn’t so much about situational situations as it is about a different way to look at everyday things.   He focuses more on word play and one-liners instead having long set-ups or stories about situations in his life.

It’s definitely corky and just downright silly, but incredibly entertaining and funny!  He’ll start off each show with simply just jokes as he calls the segment.  Each show is based around a certain theme and his jokes will reflect the topic.  For instance, “safety” is a theme of one of his episodes therefore all his jokes and bits will be based around safety ideas.

Each show has their strong points, but some have some not so great parts.  Nonetheless, the show is still pretty darn clever.  It’s not the most original idea as other comedy shows have done the same in the past.  The format is similar to “Mind of Mencia”, but as I was a fan of that show, I don’t mind.

Good qualities of the show are the nonstop punch lines and jokes.  It’s great to pop in the DVD player for a guaranteed laugh.  There’s a 1… 2… 3… punch for each show and before you know it, the episodes over.

The DVD extras live a little to be desired.  Most of the extras are deleted scenes or bloopers.  It’s usually great to have deleted scenes for a movie as they sometimes explain parts of the movie better but were maybe too slow and/or ruined the flow of things where as on “Important Things” they are failed skits.  I enjoyed the bloopers, who doesn’t, but don’t to see bad skits that were deleted because, well… they weren’t entertaining or funny.  There is quite a funny improv song he sings while he waits to film the next bit, and there are commentaries that I didn’t watch.

Even if “Important Things” doesn’t last, I’m sure we will not see the last of Demetri Martin.



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