Disney Decades Collection Goes Full 90s

Disney Decades 90s Collection

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Millennials and Disney Adults of all ages rejoice as the time has finally come for the Disney 100 Decades Collection to debut its coveted 90s collection! Filled with plenty of nostalgic goodness, this collection features a handful of epic callbacks perfect for any 90s kid looking to stand out above the crowd. Let’s take a closer look below!

Let’s hit the open road with this first item, featuring some of the most iconic moments from the 1995 classic, A Goofy Movie. This Loungefly mini bag is filled with little Easter eggs from the world famous Goof Family Road Trip and it’s an item that is meant for nobody else but you!

Goofy Movie 90s Loungefly

Price – $88.00

Moving on to the great wide somewhere, let’s take a look at these stunning Beauty and the Beast ear headbands. The headband features the iconic stained glass design from the film, including a very special touch of enchanted rose petals.



Price – $39.99

If you want to get dangerous, look no further than this action-packed Darkwing Duck plush, bringing the best of the Disney Afternoon front and center. We can already see the legendary voice actor, Jim Cummings, scooping this one up for his own ’90s collection!


Price $29.99

The collection also features a throwback Disney pin for the Disney Afternoon that includes Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, and Darkwing Duck.

90s Disney Afternoon Pin
Image courtesy of shopDisney

Price- $34.99

Traditional Disney animation isn’t the only thing 90s fans will find. The decades collection also has given a nod to the beginning of Pixar with the debut of a limited edition A Bug’s Life magic band.


Price $64.99

You can find your favorite throwback items at ShopDisney.com as well as at various locations throughout the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts! The next chapter in the collections, the 2000s will debut on October 16th.

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