Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind Debuts This Summer

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The whimsical and imaginative world of Inside Out is coming to Disney California Adventure this summer with the grand debut of Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind.

The new attraction, opening in Pixar Pier, is inspired by the vibrant workplace of Riley’s emotions Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. Guests will be able to hop aboard one of eight Memory Movers, taking them on a “sense-ational” spin through glowing recollections of Riley’s memories.

You’ll find yourself surrounded by vibrant shelves packed with glowing recollections as the Memory Movers ascend in unison, fly in a circle and inspire you to create your own happy memory of this experience.

The new attraction will complete Pixar Pier, which debuted this past June, opening shorly after the brand new Jessie’s Critter Carousel. The new Inside Out themed attraction will feature elements from the previously closed attraction, Flix’s Flyers now that Bugs Land is part of Disneyland history.

It’s just one of many new and amazing attractions coming to Disney Parks this summer, including a brand new Marvel experience, focusing on the world of Spider-Man and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, which finally opens on May 31st to sold out reservations.

Are you excited? We can’t wait to see what emotions are about to unfold!