The Art of Dapper Day and Fashionable Friendships

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Dapper Day has once again made its trip through the Disneyland Resort, bringing with it another day full of high-class fashion, vintage throwbacks, and amazing memories. Though, rather than focus on the flashy fashion choices and unique outfits, let’s focus on the real phenomenon behind Disney’s best-dressed event.

First things first, for those who have never heard of Dapper Day, or have wandered through the Disneyland Resort and want to know why people were all dressed up to go to the parks, make sure to make a pit stop and read our Dapper Day Overview. It’s a wonderful piece and will bring you up to speed.

This lovely couple, known on social media as "The Cosplay Parents", are Dapper Day regulars and fan favorites within the dapper and Disneybound communities.
This lovely couple, known on social media as “The Cosplay Parents”, are Dapper Day regulars and fan favorites within the dapper and Disneybound communities.

The real reason for the wild success of the event comes from the human element. Dapper Day is about the people, the common threads we all share, and the friendships it creates. It’s safe to say everyone who has attended the event at some point has come across a new face, and even if for a few seconds, created a memorable bond that was beyond a simple compliment and thanks.

To give you a better idea, let us rewind the clocks back to 2013 when my first dive into the dapper world began. A friend had organized a meetup at the once standing Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The goal was simple: Fill an elevator with all dapper folk that loved Tower of Terror. When we counted each head, hat, and petticoat, we noticed we were a few people short. At that point, we began to grab other dapper dressed people off the street, asking if they wanted to join us.

Dapper Day Dapper Day

Within that group, I met my soon to be Dapper Day companion, David. Known as “Dapper Dave” by many of the Disneyland community, he took the time to get to know my friends and I and became a staple within our group. To this day, we still venture throughout the parks together, even when Dapper Day has come and gone, all based off a simple meetup that could have easily been missed. He was in every sense of the word, a complete stranger. Yet, he made the effort to go beyond the small talk and really make an impression. It’s one of many friendships that I have made personally, and one story of countless friendships that this event has helped form.

This fall was no exception, bringing in fresh faces and stories to the mix. Every single person was an absolute pleasure to meet and the best part of the whole celebration. Take a moment to say hello to those you encounter, learn their stories. You won’t be disappointed in what you may find. It’s really a “small world”. You may find neighbors, fellow college alumni, among many other commonalities right around the corner.

Dapper Day Dapper Day

Dapper Day is filled with so many diverse backgrounds from the smallest of children to the oldest and wisest of us all. In the end, it’s not about what you wear, but how you mingle and make an impact on the small little world around you when you visit. Dapper Day is the perfect lightning rod that helps spark the foundations of friendship. In the end, it’s an art form, and one of the many things that is worth a smile and fond thought at the end of the day.

Dapper Day returns to Disneyland on April 13th, with the unofficial Disney Parks outing on Sunday, April 14th. You can look at event photos, get exclusive discount offerings, and learn more by visiting Dapper Day’s official site.