What Star Wars’ New Cassian Andor TV Series Means for Fans

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Disney Chairman and CEO, Bog Iger, dropped a big announcement for what’s to come in the Star Wars universe, focusing in on a new live action series featuring Rogue One character, Cassian Andor. Diego Luna, who played the rebel captain, will reprise his role and jump back into production next year.

Jon Favreau's new live action series, The Mandalorian.
Jon Favreau’s new live action series, The Mandalorian.

The new series will debut on the new Disney Streaming Service, titled Disney+, and join two other Star Wars series including the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian. The news comes shortly after Iger announced they would be reorganizing their efforts with Lucasfilm and stating they would be slowing down Disney’s original plan of releasing a film on an annual basis.

Though there are still plenty of film projects in the production pipeline, it’s safe to reaffirm Disney’s goal is to shift the focus on bringing all their big IPs to television, especially knowing that Star Wars isn’t the only big property jumping in for more. Iger also revealed Marvel will be moving forward with a new series featuring Tom Hiddelston’s Loki from Thor. Other series include a new adaptation of High School Musical and a new look into the world of Pixar’s Monsters Inc.

Marvel Studios’ THOR: RAGNAROK..L to R: Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2017

The small screen is becoming a bigger factor in the entertainment world, with the demand and consumption growing to unprecedented levels. With services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video in the mix, Disney isn’t going to take a back seat. As we have already seen, their sights are set on one goal: Becoming the dominant media on every screen format you can possibly imagine. Yet, the rush to the small screen will have its impact on fans, who have seen a huge wave of change over the recent years to how they connect with their favorite films and media.

What it translates to for the consumer is pretty straightforward, more direct driven content and diversity in the industry. With Disney’s push, other studios will continue to respond in kind, taking their most popular franchises and creating a multitude of content and series focused on a more custom entertainment experience. Though the film will always be a powerhouse in terms of reaching the masses, television is a regular and consistent push that is only getting stronger in the age of online streaming. Fans have a lot to look forward to, but also have to be wary.


More content means more to watch, a way to get a quick fix and stay involved with your favorite stories. Yet, it also means saturation and an overwhelming amount of choices. Marvel’s success with the MCU is the perfect example, as a lot of studios are trying to use the same strategy at capturing lightning in a bottle with new anthologies, sequels, and reboots. The small screen isn’t much different, as every service has developed a large array of original and exclusive content. There’s a lot out there to choose from, which can be good for some, but overwhelming for others. Things are going to get more and more interesting as we get ever closer to Disney+.

As a fan, it’s important to push for high-quality content and unique storytelling. With so many directors and visionaries coming on board, there’s a lot of ground for great stories. Getting that diversity is essential, and fans need to make sure their voices are heard to ensure that quality takes priority over quantity. Though the hopes for Disney are high, the new service won’t work without the power of fandom. There’s a new platform to explore, and in the end, we are all in this together to have fun and get a more personalized experience. Make sure every moment counts.

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