Sleeping Beauty Castle Awakens in Stunning Fashion

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The magic of Sleeping Beauty Castle has returned to Disneyland after a long winter slumber, bringing a fresh new look that is sure to draw plenty of eyes going into the resort’s peak summer rush. It all began with the announcement of “Project Stardust” this past January, revealing that the park’s glimmering icon would be getting a makeover and be hidden away from wandering eyes until late Spring.

The gates will finally open this weekend, and the castle is now on full display to guests that venture into the Magic Kingdom. The reveal has stirred quite a flurry of excitement, with park guests flocking to either side of the iconic landmark, snapping up plenty of photo and video as they go along.

The castle’s return comes just before the big debut of Disneyland’s newest expansion, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. However, “Project Stardust” is far from over, as the resort still works on guest walkway improvements, its new parking structure, and other beautification projects around the entire resort.

Take a look at our full gallery below, filled with stunning close ups of some of the castle’s new design. It’s a remarkable return that’s truly once upon a dream!